Mar 10, 2008 3:42 pm


Gary Wolf, Deconstructing American Media Ant-Israel Bias

Martin Peretz Why is the NYT so naive?

Luckily most Americans are not buying though a growing proportion of the young do.

In the meantime, India's appeasement policy continues - Jug Suraiya, Making Sure India is left out of the Nuclear club

Is the CPM's obsessive anti-Americanism at least partly designed to win a supposed Muslim vote which purportedly sees the pro-Israel, Iraq-embroiled US as Islam's arch foe? In which case isn't the CPM just as 'communal' as it accuses the BJP of being?

Senior Pakistani newspaper editor, Majeed Nizami, We Should Not Hesitate To Use Nuclear Weapons to Take Kashmir from India

India stops Tibetan exiles marching to protest Beijing Olympics

Mohamed Sifaoui"I Consider Islamism to Be Fascism"

Barry Rubin pleads IF THEY DON’T FOOL YOU THEY CAN’T DEFEAT YOU True, but many want to be fooled for freedom, unlike tyranny, gives people a lot to lose which leads them to prefer hoping against hope the savage beast can be soothed. How?

One way of doing so is money, Financially Rewarding Terrorism

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