Mar 6, 2008 4:04 pm


The key word is 1968 redux. No, no one expects Clinton supporters to riot. Obama must speak out against such talk or demonstrate that his middle name is no accident. Sorry, I am furious.

By the way, Huckaby is right. The game is not over until it's over. Obama is no where near getting the necessary majority of the delegates. The rules do not imply that merely having more delegates than other candidates is enough. Indeed, the rules are that convention delegates have to cast their ballot until someone gets the needed majority and they must permitted do so without being threatened that the wrong vote will lead to violence.

Ironically, super delegates are there not to second the voters' primary choice but to balance it. Those who wrote the rules knew that primaries (and especially caucuses) tend to privilege radical candidates who have little chance of getting elected. Political Messiahs Obama is just the kind of candidate the super delegates are supposed to check. Arguing that any attempt for them to do their job is undemocratic is absurd. Threatening violence if they do is a disgrace.

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