Mar 4, 2008 1:34 pm


It took Canada to finally expose"fresh face" Obama's wink, wink strategy. He rails against NAFTA while his expert advisor, professor Goolsbee assures the Canadians that he does not mean it. This is not the first time Obama played the game nor is he the first politician to play. That is the reason that the press is so reluctant to raise the issue.

Cynical reporters expect no different. Nor does the American public. That is the reason a candidate's heart felt principles, character and past behavior are so crucial. But Obama presents himself as a new politician who will conduct his administration on C-Span. The young and gullible and those who like to indulge their joyful idealism have closed ranks behind him because they shared the belief of New York Times columnist David Brooks that there is no reason to worry that an Obama victory would be disastrous, for example, lead to a precipitous US withdrawal from Iraq because reality is sure to bite." Indeed, I heard Brooks say that Obama has been in touch with him for sometime and that he likes Obama because he does not vilify or insult conservatives. Were Brooks' assurances concerning Obama's REAL Iraq policy based on confidential communications with the candidate? I don't know but it would fit the pattern. Just note his Israel/Palestinian dance.

Professor Goolsbee is not the only advisor sent to reassure foreign governments that Obama rhetoric is not to be taken seriously. Professor Zbigniew Brezizinski went to Damscus (along with Hillary's advisors) but the Obama campaign"knew nothing" about it. After all, Jewish voters who wish to join the"feel good" bandwagon need to be reassured that their concern over Obama's intention to downgrade American Israeli relations are just politics"as usual.

For weeks Hillary Clinton pointed to the media's pro-Obama bias in vain. Why has the media finally exposed"wink wink" policy and with it the fact that Obama is no white horse but merely another talented, super ambitious, not too ethical politician who uses the shenanigans of a well connected rich supporter to get the large backyard he craves? Because the evidence of media bias has been proven statistically and became the fodder of TV comics. It is one thing to mess with the country's national security. It is another to be ridiculed on Saturday Night Live and the Daily show. Be that as it may, the truth is beginning to emerge and with it Obama's wink wink policy.

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Sally Gee - 3/4/2008

So Mr Obama's advisors must be presumed not to advise him. Rather, they make and declare policy. Why, then, are they called advisors rather than, say, policy makers, as in policy maker to Senator Obama, as opposed to advisor to Senator Obama?

Can it be that, in their desperation, the Clintons and their acolytes only feel able to attack Mr Obama on the presumed misunderstandings and misperceptions of his advisors' formal and informal discussions with those representing overseas governments?

And perhaps Ms Klinghoofer herself merely expresses the Israel lobby's need to feel a little more wanted if not necessarily loved by Mr Obama himself before they advise their hangers on to vote Republican in November.