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Hizb Ut Tahrir Demonstration

As could have been expected the conservative PM criticized the extremist Hizb demonstration but he was joined by the Socialist opposition. My Danish friend writes:

Danish MP Villy Sovndal (leader of the opposition Socialist People party) said to Hizb-ut-Tahrir:"You are barking up at wrong tree"

On his webblog, VS says further: My best advise for you (HuT) is to leave this country immediately, and find a country where the chances for your wet dreams to come through are better, because here (in Denmark) the chances for you to instate a Muslim Khalifat is less than nil.

And your departure can only happen to slowly....

He also says, that he is as tired as the ordinary Danes about HuT, and their middle aged views on society.. .

Denmark is up at arms because a leading spokesman of a"mainstream" Muslim organization participated. Social Democrats have no more patience with the Islamists than Conservatives. The Danish Parliament will be considering making the openly anti-Democratic movement illegal. The participation of a leading spokesperson from a prominent Muslim organization has politicians up in arms :

The surprising participation of an eminent member of a large Muslim organization, in a Hizb ut-Tahrir demonstration last Friday, has caused concern among MPs.

In a press release last week, Kassem Ahmad, the spokesperson for the Islamic Society in Denmark, called for dialogue in the wake of the arrest of three men accused of planning the murder of Kurt Westergaard, Jyllands-Postens illustrator responsible for the controversial Mohammed drawing.

'We extend a hand out to the Danish society to participate in dialogue in understanding and respecting each other,' he wrote. He also stated he would support the fight against extremism.

Three days later, he was photographed next to Fadi Abdullatif, leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir Denmark, heading a demonstration where a direct threat against Danish society was issued.

This has several politicians wondering why a spokesperson for the Islamic Society, an organisation known for its moderate stance, was participating in a demonstration led by an extremist group.

Henrik Dam Kristensen, integration spokesperson for the Social Democrats said: 'If the Islamic Society chooses spokespeople who sympathized with the Hizb ut-Tahrir and participates in this sort of demonstration, then to me, the society has lost a large portion of its legitimacy.'

Of course no place is perfect. To the disgust of many Danes, the Hotel in which the targeted cartoonist was hiding asked him to leave.

Cartoonist (Bomb on the head drawing) Mr. Westergaard was the other day asked to leave the hotel where he's presently staying under cover, as the Hotel feared him to be a security risk. Mr. Westergaard has on to Thursday to find an other hiding place, as he's still living underground due to the murder plots against him.

As soon as Jyllands Posten broke this story, emails in big numbers started coming in from ordinary Danes offering Mr. Westergaard to stay in their home. Among others he received an offer to stay in a 3 room Copenhagen flat, a 4 bedroom house in suburb to Aahus, and one reader offer Mr. Westergaard free accommodation in this summer cottage in Andalusia, Spain, the offer adding, there are no Islamist"nuts" around here...

Everywhere Mr. Westergaard is spotted on the streets etc. the receives warm greetings from Danish citizens who offer Mr. Westergaard their support and compliment him for his courage.

Moderate Arab countries have been quick to express their sympathies:

Egypt summons Danish ambassador over cartoons to protest the republication.

Jordanian organisations call for confronting western campaigns against Islam

Pakistan summons Danish envoy over Prophet cartoons

Well planned anti-Danish riots in Lebanon

Muslims fail to understand that the republication was not designed to insult but to widen the target.

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Pam Siegfried - 2/21/2008

I read the comment about "Danish insanity" posted in response to "Iranians must be nuts". This person can't imagine why Danish papers would reprintthe cartoons and "hurt the feelings" all over again. Let me explain their decision in small words. Because someone may DIE for these is why they reprinted them. So, in the sacred tradition of the Hungarians in 1956 who linedthe streets as the Soviet tanks rolled in, protecting with their bodies the fighters behind them; in the sacred tradition of the Chinese man standing in front of the column of tanks, in the tradition of a school teacher in my city who stood over one of his students fending off a knife wielding man with a lab tote, in this tradition the Danish papers said, in essence, "You will have to go through us first."
Insult the prophet? I've seen those cartoons. One of them shows Muhammed riding a donkey, just that. What that is is someone who is not Muslim not obeying a tradition of Muslims to not depict Muhammed at all. And the ones that are insulting? Well, do you recall the riots that followed the movie THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST? The movie theaters burned to the ground? The director and producer under police protection? I don't either. Because it didn't happen. I readily concede that Christianity had at one time all the penchant for bloodshed in the name of God as the most radical Islamicists but the secular world settled that with them centuries ago. Now we have to do it with another group. We must.