Apr 20, 2004 12:01 pm


I know, I know, the answer should be obvious but last night I watched McCain on Charley Rose acting surprised that Bandar would be shown war plans. In his book, Woodward, too, implies that there was underhanded about the fact the Israel and Saudi Arabia were the first informed that the US is going to war. HAS everybody forgotten that these two countries were attacked during the last Gulf War and expected only worse this time. Israel provided each of its citizens with gas mask and Palestinians were demanding (regardless of their support for Saddam) that they too be given gas masks!

Woodward writes that after being told that the war is about to begin Prince Bandar thinks (he clearly is one of the sources for Woodward's sources):"Under the rules of mortal combat, Bandar judged that if Saddam were worth anything, chemical, biological whatever would be flying within an hour - on Israel, on Jordan, on Saudi Arabia, on anyone. He would surely use them. Hid chest almost collapsed." Forget the addition of Jordan and anyone - Bandar did not want to find himself alone in the company of Israel, even if Saddam put then together in 1991. I do remember begging my family to bring the children to the US.

Why show the war plan? Because the last Bush administration lied to Israel (this may indicate that it may also have lied to the Saudis) about using 30% of its air power to suppress the scuds Saddam unleashed on Israel. I am no Saudi fan but fair is fair. Isn't it amazing we have completely forgotten the prewar fears?

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