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Watching Danish flags burn in Pakistan and Gaza as a response to the republication of the Mohammed cartoons, it is easy to conclude that nothing has changed since the original publication. But that would be wrong for lessons have been learned. This time the Danes are more united and more determined to defend their own freedoms. This time the Danish press acted as one. 23 newspapers reprinted the cartoons on the same day. The message of defiance was clear and inhibited the ability of politicians to kow tow to Muslim"sensitivities."

Iranian failure to take this into account led to its humiliating rebuff. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Danish parliament was about to visit their Iranian counterparts. The Iranian Parliamentarians notified their future guests that they will refuse to meet with them unless an apology for the republication of the cartoons precedes the Danish MPs. The Danes responded by canceling the visit. Cultural understanding, they insisted, is a two way street.

"The Iranian Parliament wanted our delegation to present an official apology to Iran. We said 'absolutely not'...We cannot do that, it would be a violation of freedom of expression," the committee's deputy chairman Jeppe Kofod said.

The nine members of the foreign policy committee were to visit Iran from Monday to Wednesday to discuss human rights and Iran's nuclear program.

"They told us they would not meet us unless we apologized. And they knew we would not present any apology, they know our democracy doesn't work that way," Mr Kofod said.

According to my Danish friend, they were even more empathetic:

The committee unanimously refused to deliver an apology for what Danish free media prints, and has canceled the planed trip to Iran, and has on public TV said that the Iranians must be nuts (Yes, these were the words), to come up with such demands, and that there's no way Danish politicians are going to visit the country under such conditions.

Further more a dictatorship should not impose demands on a free democracy such as Denmark.

Danes have also began to figure out novel legal ways to deal with young Muslim arsonists who continue to riot for the sixth night.

Some common Danes take out their digital cameras and film the youngsters (mainly second generation disaffected immigrants 13 to 18 years old). They, then, mail the pictures to the police, who more and less then can drive home to the criminals and pick them up.

Danish Imams also moderated their message.

Despite being critical of the reprinted cartoon and the subsequent deportations, he urged the Muslim community to remain calm stating that they should continue 'building bridges'.

There was also a word of chastise directed at the young: 'Mohammed did not teach you to burn schools, cars and public buildings. He taught you to behave in a civilised manner.'

It is easy to write off free people. The democratic diffusion of power makes it more difficult to organize. Still, given a bit of time they do and when they have always won. The behavior of little Denmark gives us hope that they will continue to do so.

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Rupee News - 2/16/2008

Like terrible twos throwing a “hissy fit” and a temper tantrum to attract attention, the Danish cartoonists are trying again to extend their 15 minutes of fame. Like good parents, we should ignore them and walk away without making eye contact with them.

”This is very foolish and does not help building the bridges we need. [But] it is the same picture, so it is just a republication of what was published before.” Mostafa Chendid, an imam at the Islamic Faith Community, which organised a delegation to the Middle East to complain about the cartoons in 2005, said:

The response of the Danish newspaper to the arrest of 3 criminals is to insult the prophet, hurt the fillings of millions around the planet, provoke 1.3 Billion Muslims, many of them illiterate and unable to retaliate in any meaningful or intellectual manner exceptt ot come out on the street and make a nuisance of themselves. Their anger is misdirected, and we have an issue.

This has become the standard operating procedure of the gangs of bigots who have taken it upon themselves to provoke the Muslim population.

What is surprising is that it makes perfect sense under the guise of “freedom of speech”. Like clockwork, one of these bigots will pop up with a new scheme every few weeks. We won’t be surprised if something else has been planned before Gert Wilders burns and curses the Quran in public in March.

The Danish have amazing brains. 3 criminals wanted to hurt a human being. The would be “murderers” were indicted. They have not been convicted yet, but in the minds of the “flame throwers and cheerleaders of free speech”, the three have been convicted and therefore all Muslims are guilty.

During the provocation of Geert Wilders, Muslims in America and Europe strategized to respond to Mr. Wilders with silence and a yawn. It probably worked.

During the time of the prophet, a woman would throw garbage on him every day from the rooftop. He would say nothing, and move forward. One day, he noticed that no garbage landed on his head. He went to find out where she was. He discovered that she was sick. He went to her and took care of her. She converted to Islam.

Geert Wilders and the Danish papers who are “defending the right to free speech” do not realize that the Islamphobia that they percolate affects real lives of people thousands of miles away. Our kids are teased. Students are berated by teachers for being Muslim. People lose jobs. People are deported. we wish Kurt Westergaard and Geert Wilders well, but they must take responsibility for the raising the temperature of bigotry in Europe and the world. They attract the worst of Europe and Christianity in their camps and then get funded.

Many of the indicted terrorists in America were issues of an over zealous police. Take for example of the pizaa delivery guys who mistakenly took the picture of a lake (which turned out to be reservoir). He was arrested. They could not find anything to suggest that the pizza delivery person had any motives. So they checked his record. It runs out that 5 years before the arrest, he had cosigned an apartment lease of a Pakistani couple. It so happened that the wife of the Pakistani who wanted to rent the apartment has overstayed her visa.

The Pizaa delivery guy was indicted for aiding an abetting an “illegal alien” which is a felony and promptly deported. Congressmen and Senators and activists could do nothing for him…...and so it goes….