Feb 16, 2008 1:35 pm


Hi Judith

Thanks for writing about this again, I have, however to correct you. It was NOT 11 papers that run the reprint. No It was ALL 21 of the Danish Daily papers that ran tem.

ALL of them.....

The message the Danes are sending to all fanatic Muslims all over the world is: We are not afraid of you! And we aren't

Today there was a big demonstration in Copenhagen with about 1500 Muslim participants. One of the speakers said:" How dare they (They = the Danish newspapers and the Danes) to offend 1,5 billion Muslims world wide?

The answer is simple. WE live on OUR country, and if the Muslims want to be here, they better obey to our rules and laws.

To night the riots continue. Police and firefighters have a very busy night, and probably will have the same tomorrow. The common Danes take out their digital cameras and film the bastards, and mail the pictures to the police, who more and less then can drive home to the criminals and pick them up. So people take action.

And soon the common citizens are going to take more action, as they are very tired of all the trouble and destruction, having their cars and schools burned down, so we'll very likely soon to see ordinary citizens stepping in and trying to stop the riots and try to protect their property and local community.


In the meantime, Denmark experienced the 6th night of rioting.

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