Feb 15, 2008 10:36 am


Copenhagen suffers 5 nights of"youth" riots. A JP photographer is injured. Fire fighters are stoned and police has to use tear gas and arrest rioters. It seems to follow the French pattern. In the meantime,

The placard wording demonstrates determination to avoid past excess but it is the exception rather than the rule.

KARACHI, Feb 14 (Reuters) - Chanting"Death to the cartoonist", dozens of Islamist students burned the Danish flag in southern Pakistan on Thursday after the republication of a caricature of Prophet Mohammad.

In Kuwait, several parliamentarians called for a boycott of Danish goods."The government has to take action against Denmark," said Waleed al-Tabtabai, a member of parliament."The sons of dogs published drawings that are offensive to the Prophet." Kuwait's deputy prime minister Faisal al-Hajji said the Gulf Arab country would make an official complaint.

What is most striking is the failure of the Muslim voices who condemn the republication to even mention the murder plot which triggered the republication. See for example the op ed Dr Haroon Junaidi, From Edinburgh in the Scotsman.

For more picture here and here.

Femming Rose about Kurt Westergaard.

For the past three months Kurt and his wife have been moving from house to house. In early November, they had a few hours to collect their most necessary belongings before they were driven to a safe location. They had to leave their car at home because the police wanted to create the impression that Kurt and Gitte were still living in the house. The mail was collected, garbage was removed, and an agent who physically resembled Kurt was installed in the house. This was done in case the plotters were to execute their plans to kill Kurt.

In the middle of December Kurt and Gitte returned to their house for just one day to celebrate Christmas with their family.

Still, not a word from the Organization of Islamic Conference about his troubles and no call on Muslims to stop rioting. They have plenty of words to say about the reprinting of the cartoons:

The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (IOC) denounced on Friday the reprinting of a Danish cartoon of the prophet Mohammed, warning it could lead to confrontations between Muslims and Christians.

"By reprinting these cartoons we are heading toward a bigger conflict and that shows that both sides will be hostages of their radicals," OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, a Turk, told AFP in Istanbul.

"It is not a way of improving your rights and exercising your freedoms when you use these rights for insulting the most sacred values and symbols of others and inciting hatred," he said."This is a very wrong, provocative way - unacceptable."

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