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Feb 5, 2008 10:09 pm

Super Tuesday Begins

I can't imagine being a member of either of the two major parties, or any party for that matter, but here in Mass, independents get to vote in primaries, so I went in to the polling place and did my part for Ron Paul. Starting to seem, though, that his campaign is over. Too bad, since we're not going to get much love for individual liberty from any of the remaining candidates.

UPDATE: Didn't work.

In other news, the actor Barry Morse has died. You may remember his work in The Outer Limits, The Fugitive, and Space:1999.

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David T. Beito - 2/5/2008

I voted for Paul too. The turn-out at my polling station was very light.

I'm old enough to remember the Fugitive in the original. It was one of my favorite shows. The Barry Morse character sure had a forgiving employer! Morse also could play comedy, as one of his Outer Limits appearances showed.

Chris Matthew Sciabarra - 2/5/2008

I mention Aeon's spectacular new co-edited anthology on TV Noir in today's Notablog entry.