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Apr 14, 2004 3:13 pm

Teaching with a Blog

I'm looking at using a blog interface next year for Art 101. My goal is to get students to discuss local architecture and the historical background for some of the great 19th century graveyards in town. They usually write papers about this material, but neither the individual papers nor the group work I've designed in the past is really satisfying me, lately. Maybe the blog interface with statement followed by comments (in a format other than ours here) will be better.

I've set up a Typepad blog (30 days free trial, though those first 2 days lasted about an hour apiece) to experiment.
Take a look.

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Claire Helen Louise George - 4/16/2004

It does look very interesting. I love graveyards history.

Oscar Chamberlain - 4/15/2004

Please keep us updated on this. It looks like an interesting experiment.