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Jan 5, 2008 1:49 pm

TV and Ron Paul in Iowa

Fox news reported the results continuously in a box above the scroll. They would switch between GOP and Dem totals every five seconds or so. Conveniently, they reported only the top four for each party. This relegated Paul to the land of Dodd even though he was only 3 points behind the GOP's #3 and #4. Why only the top four?

CNN continuously showed results for all of the candidates, but then they started to use a pie chart for the candidates when analyzing the results. For the GOP, only the top four appeared on the chart. Paul was hidden under a rather large piece called "other," even though he merited a substantial slice all to himself. Since he was about 90% of the "other," why not give him his own wedge?

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Common Sense - 1/6/2008

They succeeded!

Mark Brady - 1/5/2008

"Why only the top four?

"[W]hy not give him his own wedge?"

Probably to annoy people like you! :)

David T. Beito - 1/5/2008

It was very strange especially since Paul was neck and neck with McCain early on. Also, did you notice that the Democratic pie listed a pie slice for Richardson who had only 2 percent?