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Jan 3, 2008 10:54 pm

Iowa news

It's Obama and Huckabee in Iowa. Paul finished ahead of Giuliani, but (sad to say) well behind Huck, Mitt, Thompson, and McCain. Hat tip: VC

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Aeon J. Skoble - 1/4/2008

I agree, David, and it's a promising start. Stay the course! :-)

Less Antman - 1/4/2008

Some friends and I were discussing the strong opposition to gay marriage in the country, and I commented on how 5 years ago it wasn't even in the conversation, and we were fighting for equal treatment under the law with civil unions (which now has majority support).

I do think the Paul campaign squandered some opportunities and could have done better than 10% by staying focused on the peace, non-intervention, and civil liberties focus that jump-started them, but last April it never even occurred to me that a campaign with so many libertarian themes would even be a part of the public conversation.

Truly hard-core libertarianism will never again sound to the old media and general public like it came from outer space: I will forever be grateful to Ron Paul for that.

Mark Brady - 1/4/2008

Andrew Sullivan writes that the independents went for Barack Obama and Ron Paul respectively. "Among independents, Clinton came a poor third: 17 percent to Obama's 41. And McCain lost out to Paul: 23 percent to 29. The men with the most support among independents - the people you need to win a general election - are the most despised by the Republican base. In they end, the Republicans poisoned themselves. Maybe they'll begin to recognize how far they've fallen."

David T. Beito - 1/3/2008

This is disappointing but not a disaster. Paul made it into double digets which is better than the polls indicated.