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Apr 12, 2004 12:27 pm

How to Frustrate the Anti-Semites

The Nazi-style anti-Semitic group"JewWatch" has managed to get its site into the #1 spot for Google hits on the word"Jew." A counter-effort is underway, to get as many sites as possible to post links to the (sane, objective) Wikipedia definition of"Jew" (like this: Jew) to push that site in the #1 spot instead. If you have a personal website, see this site for more info about how and why to do this.

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Jonathan Dresner - 4/13/2004

Either it was temporary or the anti-semites are staging a comeback (all those people talking about the site can't be hurting their rankings, right?).

I have mixed feelings about the whole thing: even if it's displaced from #1, three of the top ten sites which come up when you search "jew" are blatantly anti-semitic. The internet is a cesspool if you don't know what you're doing.

Tex MacRae - 4/12/2004

The wikipedia entry for Jew in google is on top now.

Now what?