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Dec 24, 2007 12:37 am

Alexander Cockburn on Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul

Alexander Cockburn is in fine form here where he examines Mike Huckabee's rise.

He concludes with an insightful remark about Ron Paul's candidature:

"Huckabee's single rival as a genuinely interesting candidate is another Republican, Ron Paul, who set a record a few days ago, by raising $6 million in a single day. Unlike Huckabee, Paul's core issues are opposition to the war and to George Bush's abuse of civil liberties inscribed in the U.S. Constitution. His appeal, far more than Huckabee, is to the redneck rebel strain in American political life ­ the populist beast that the US two-party system is designed to suppress. On Monday night Paul was asked on Fox News about Huckabee's Christmas ad, which shows the governor backed by a shining cross. Actually it's the mullions of the window behind him, but the illusion is perfect. Paul said the ad reminded him of Sinclair Lewis's line, that 'when fascism comes to this country it will be wrapped in a flag and bearing a cross.' In the unlikely event they had read Lewis, no other candidate would dare quote that line."

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Alex Doak - 12/26/2007

When Paul made that quote, he had never actually seen the ad himself. He was referring to the commentator's description of the ad, which reminded him of Sinclair Lewis's line. Not a real big difference, but it does show that Paul was probably just giving a general caution against fascism in America rather than a personal attack on Huckabee. Not that Huckabee wasn't deserving of such... Huckabee would employ Jack Bauer in the war on terror if he really existed. Jack Bauer is the worst murdering fascists ever presented on TV as a protagonist to the American public.