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Dec 8, 2007 11:24 am


Much anti-immigrant sentiment, even among some libertarians, appears fueled by resentment that non-citizens might get tax-financed welfare benefits. This gives a curious amount of offense, especially when it concerns so-called"illegals," whom I prefer to think of as residents without government papers. (Like that's a big deal.)

I can only say this: There are things that offend me far more than foreign-born people's going on welfare. Here are two in no particular order:

1. Native-born Americans' going on welfare. (They were born in the"land of the free" and are supposed to know better.)

2. State-police tactics, including the witch-hunting of employers who have the audacity to hire"illegals," designed to catch or prevent the migration of people who are merely exercising their natural liberty.

Let's get our priorities straight.

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Otto M. Kerner - 12/9/2007

Well, that's part of the reason. But I suspect that the predominant reason that average people (I don't know if libertarians are different) resent immigration is that they have strong preferences about the ethnic or cultural background of the people that they live around.

Anthony Gregory - 12/9/2007

Border guards also feed at the government trough. But they don't even have the decency to take the money and be done with it, the way welfare recipients do. No, they run around the border, invading private property and harassing peaceful people.

Jeff Riggenbach - 12/8/2007

Bravo, Sheldon!