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Dec 1, 2007 12:02 pm

Thursday Notes

Nominations for The Cliopatria Awards will close at midnight edt on Friday 30 November.

Some Notable Book Lists for 2007: the Guardian's"Books of the Year 2007", the London Times's"Best Books of 2007", the National Book Critics Circle's Book List, and the NYT's"100 Notable Books of 2007." Thanks to Dwight Gardner and Scott McLemee for the pointers.

It's that time of year. David Darlington's"Preparing for the Job Register," AHA Today, 27 November, is supplemented, less seriously, by Sherman Dorn's"Preparing for the Job Register," 28 November.

David Wong and Owen Ball,"The 9 Most Badass Bible Verses,", nd. When I was in seminary, the chaplain followed the lectionary, but delighted in translating as he read from the Hebrew and Greek texts, without the intervention of prudish sensibilities. It was ... um ... a revelation. Hat tip.

Stephen T. Asma,"Never Mind Grendel. Can Beowulf Conquer the 21st-Century Trip?" CHE, 7 December, reviews Robert Zemeckis's new film, Beowulf.

Peter Ackroyd reviews Charles Nicholls's The Lodger: Shakespeare on Silver Street for the London Times, 23 November.

Stephanie Coontz,"Taking Marriage Private," NYT, 26 November, argues for getting the state out of the business of matrimony.

Finally, since the Historians for Obama's statement was posted on HNN's mainpage Monday morning, the number of historians endorsing it has doubled. You'll find an updated list of Historians for Obama at the link. Thanks to AHA Today, American Election, Andrew Sullivan, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Daily Kos, Daily Princetonian, Dissent the Blog, Huffington Post, Inside Higher Ed, Liberty & Power, MyDD, No Left Turns, Progressive Historians and Spinning Clio for their links to it. If you would like to join us, contact Michael Kazin and me at mk8*at*georgetown*dot*edu and ralphluker*at*mindspring*dot*com.

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