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Apr 6, 2004 2:08 am

A Couple of Things ...

Clemson's Robert Campbell has a not-to-be missed up-date on developments at the University of Southern Mississippi over at Liberty & Power. After you read it, you'll understand how American higher education is like trash TV. See Marshall Ramsey's latest cartoon for the Jackson Clarion-Ledger.

If cartoons about administrative malpractice in Mississippi don't do it for you, check out Jacob Levy's post about the fevered contrariness of a long-tenured professor at Brown University and a recollection of the antics of, gasp, a conservative at Dartmouth. Thanks to Oxblog for the tips.

Finally, thanks to Eugene Volokh for calling our attention to an announcement that Jews are giving up control of the world. While we're talking about the Jew, Butterflies and Wheels, Crooked Timber, and Oxblog have joined Cliopatria in the effort to overcome the googlebomb that put an anti-semitic site at the top of Google's list for"Jew". We still need the help of some of the biggie bloggers, like Instapundit, Atrios, Kos, Andrew Sullivan, and the Volokhs.

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