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Nov 23, 2007 6:40 pm

Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment?

Wednesday's Washington Post contained a story titled "Bush More Emphatic In Backing Musharraf" ( which reported that Bush strongly supported Musharraf's continued rule, regardless of the Pakistani President's continued imposition of emergency rule and repression of all protests against him. According to Bush, despite everything Musharraf has done to destroy democracy in Pakistan since his coup in 1999, Musharraf "hasn't crossed the line" and "truly is somebody who believes in democracy."

Please, everyone, reread this quote. Then grab the phone and call your Senator and Congressional Representative and demand that they pressure the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Bush from office for mental disability or incompetence.

There have always been questions, some very loud, as to Bush's intelligence. I have never quite bought the idea that Bush was truly stupid, because for me some of the evidence which is supposed to support this theory, especially Iraq, can actually be used to demonstrate how smart he is (once you understand, as do I, that Iraq is going just swimmingly for Bush and his backers in the military-petroleum complex, what with Hillary and Obama saying we'll be there for at least a generation and all).

But Bush's statements in support of Musharraf, a man whose name he didn't know when quizzed on geography during the 2000 campaign, is without a doubt the most troubling thing he's said in office. It reflects such a complete disconnect from reality that it calls into question the President's grasp of reality and his mental competence. If Bush believes that Musharraf actually is a democrat after everything that's happened, after the beatings, arrests, and worse of pro-democracy protesters at the same time he releases Taliban/al-Qa'eda members, then he is not only utterly unqualified to be President, his continued tenure in office constitutes a grave threat to the security of the United States and he should be removed from office by his Cabinet under the provisions of the 25th Amendment, which allows the Cabinet to remove a President in case of disability. This President is clearly mentally disabled, and frighteningly so.

Of course, there's always the chance that Bush is lying about his feelings toward Musharraf. The recently released excerpts of former Press Secretary Scott McClellan's new book,, in which he admits that he lied to the American people under direct orders from the President and other top officials, certainly makes this scenario a possibility. If true, then Bush should be impeached, immediately, for engaging in activities that materially support al-Qa'eda, because that's exactly what his duplicitous support for Musharraf is doing.

Either way, every day that George W. Bush remains in office is both a stain on America's name and a threat to our security. Unlike the turkey the President spared a few days ago, he needs to get the ax, either by his Cabinet or the Congress, before he does any more harm to the country.

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John Edward Philips - 11/30/2007

Having started in politics at the top, Bush knows little about what real grass roots democratic politics is like. He knows very little about foreign affairs and confuses pro-Americanism with democracy. That not only explains why he supports someone like Musharraf, but why he thinks he can impose democracy on Iraq, too. It's massive ignorance, but it's not really psychosis.

John Edward Philips - 11/30/2007

If Bush had lived through Vietnam maybe he would be able to understand better why his policies are failing everywhere.

omar ibrahim baker - 11/25/2007

President Bush has only brought to the front that American tragedy that has, in more ways than one, prevailed over the mentality of the American political establishment, and by extension the American public, for more decades than one cares to count!

That tragedy is the ability to depict and, for the very many, to see black as white AND request of others to also see it as white.
And, if need be, make them, force
them, see how white black is!

President Bush is only the epitome cum culmination of that colour blindness at its most absurd:

-Kill millions of Indochinese in Vietnam, Laos and surrounding for their own good ; no matter how that good is defined at that particular junction.
-Destroy, dismember Iraq and empower and arm its many factions to kill and slaughter each other to liberate it.
-Support the dislocation, ethnic cleansing, dispossession , disfranchisement and subjugation of a whole people to enable aliens to supplant them in the cause of " fulfillment of their own national aspirations ".
-Deny a people the right to self determination in his homeland in support of the right to self determination of the colonists of that land .
-Finance, militarily and politically support settlements on conquered land to attain the security of the land grabber.
-Unequivocally support the confessional cum racist "Jewish " character of a community to bolster and preserve the "democratic "
character of that community.
-Call others for and Support the United Nations until the United Nations refuses to take orders.
-Support Musharraf because,
notwithstanding his undemocratic policies and practices, Musharraf , and before him the Shah, is for DEMOCRACY.

And so on and so forth with, and before, President Bush for many past decades.
In fairness to President Bush all that he did is to take America to where it has been going and advocating for quite some time "when I say black is white then black is white or will become white...or else"

Arnold Shcherban - 11/24/2007

The same imperialist racist white "jentle"men are doing the same
imperialist, racist business: business, as usual.

Stephen Kislock - 11/24/2007

As has been said for many years at the Throne of Power that is the United States Foreign Power, "He may be a Bastard, But he is Our Bastard!"

Robert Pierce Forbes - 11/24/2007

Like Bush, Musharraf had to destroy his country's democracy in order to save it. If you lived through Vietnam you'd understand.

Ed Rader - 11/23/2007

Thank you.. You realize of course, that you are mnow officially one of the irrational raging libersls who are savaged elsewhere in this very list of HNN top 10. But so am I, and so are many others.. so thank you