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Apr 5, 2004 5:17 am

May Issue of Penthouse

I just received an advanced copy of the May issue of Penthouse in which I have the feature article. Alan Dershowitz has a piece in the issue as well but I've not forgiven him for coming out for the "right to torture prisoners", specifically through torture warrants That's a shame because I used to point to him as an example of someone with whom I could disagree on many points but for whom I had continuing respect.

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Wendy McElroy - 4/6/2004

Bill...I think you are correct in your general assessment. I always intersected with Dershowitz on civil liberties/legal issues and, so, my opinion was based on his stands for due process, freedom of speech, etc. Frankly, I never paid much attention to his book on Israel or other writings. Now I wish I had.

Thanks for the comment and for the congratulations re: Penthouse.


William Marina - 4/5/2004

Congratualtions on your own article.
Quite apart from specific issues, I find it difficult to "respect" someone who manipulated sources, certainly plagiarism in the way he did it, in his book on Israel.
His comments on the Stweart trial were also second-rate monday morning quarterbacking.
Bill Marina