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Oct 29, 2007 8:35 am

Things Noted Here and There

"250+ Killer Online Digital Libraries and Archives," OEDb, 17 October, is an extraordinary list of resources, with links. Hat tip.

Nicholai Ourousoff,"Where Gods Yearn for Long-Lost Treasures," NYT, 28 October, introduces Athens' New Acropolis Museum and argues that it is time for the Elgin Marbles to come home.

Carnivalesque XXXII, an early modern edition, is up at Serendipities.

Michael Dirda,"If the World Could Write ...," Washington Post, 28 October, reviews Richard Pevear's and Larissa Volokhonsky's new translation of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. I should read it again.

In David Greenberg,"Rudy a Lefty? Yeah, Right," Washington Post, 28 October, the Rutgers historian finds Rudy Giuliani's social liberalism largely a myth. See also: Andrew Sullivan. Meanwhile, Josh Marshall asks, other than Giuliani,"how many elected officials have ever tried to make arrangements to remain in office beyond their legally-sanctioned term of office?" His readers find some parallels in Georgia's"Three Governors Controversy" and the effort of Philadelphia's Frank Rizzo to get the city's ban on three consecutive mayoral terms overturned. But, hey, if you're going with"some similarities", FDR does come to mind.

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Serge Lelouche - 10/29/2007

He's gonna be President, so let's learn to spell it!