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Oct 14, 2007 7:14 pm

A Perceptive Question

At the end of a story about Ron Paul’s victory in the Jefferson County Republican Party Straw Poll The Birmingham News quotes David Beito asking a very insightful question. He inquires about the supporters of the supposed front runners by simply saying, "Where are they? Where's the enthusiasm?"

Beito might have asked the same question about the inaugural Conservative Leadership Conference straw poll, which Paul also won. He did that with 33% of the vote even though he did not attend the event. Mitt Romney and Duncan Hunter did though, giving major speeches, and they finished with 16% and 15% respectively.

One of the most interesting parts of Ron Paul’s website is the straw poll results section. It reveals that in head to head competition Ron Paul has a winning record against every other candidate. I would like to believe that the reason this success is occurring involves the realization by a significant and growing number of Republican political insiders that if they do not nominate Ron Paul, their party will lose decisively in November 2008. How about this slogan to help more of the GOP’s movers and shakers wake up to that fact; A VOTE FOR ANY CANDIDATE IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY OTHER THAN RON PAUL IS A VOTE FOR HILARY CLINTON.

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