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Mar 30, 2004 4:17 pm

Teller (or is it Penn?) for President

We need something to make this presidential race interesting. Imagine seven more months of Bush, Kerry, and Nader!

My suggestion (inspired by a conversation with Deborah Katz Hunt) is that the Libertarian party run magicians Teller and Penn (both libertarians) as its presidential and vice presidential candidates. The campaign commercials would show a stone-silent Teller standing next to the talkative Penn. Penn would say something like"our candidate, Mr. Teller, wants you to know...." You get the picture.

If the Liberatarians did this, they would expose more Americans to their ideas but they would blow the geriatic/stodgy Nader out of the water. The ball is now in the LP's court!

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Jonathan Dresner - 3/30/2004

The campaign commercials and campaign documentary DVD would cover the cost of the campaign....

Can you imagine them in the debates? Teller, particularly. That would be worth the price of admission.

I've said before that politics is theater, but these guys go well beyond the simple actors who've made it. These guys know how to conceive and stage truly mind-blowing material: creativity in politics! Creative independent thinkers. I love it.

Steven Horwitz - 3/30/2004

Brilliant! Totally freakin' brilliant! This would be the smartest and most effective piece of publicity the LP could ever grab onto. Get Stossel to interview them, and then it's even better.