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Mar 30, 2004 8:08 am

Yankee Come Home!!!

Spring is here ... a time of life, renewal, and resurrection. And there sure is a lot of resurrection going around. Even in theaters,"The Passion of the Christ" is still playing to full crowds, though it was displaced last weekend by"Dawn of the Dead." (Sarah Polley, star of"Dawn," thought it appropriate:"It makes sense that we beat 'em out. I mean, we've got more people rising from the dead. They've got one. We've got thousands.")

But the most important thing to be resurrected in the Spring is: Baseball. And today, Baseball is Back. Not in America, mind you. But in Japan! My New York Yankees just went down to defeat against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, 8-3, in the Tokyo Dome, the first game of the 2004 Major League Baseball Season.

It was the first time in the illustrious history of the Yankees that team members wore their pinstripes in a game outside Yankee Stadium, a game in which they were not the home team (the Yankee Home Opener takes place on Thursday, April 8th).

Baseball is all about Coming Home. The Home Run. Home Plate. Home. If only US foreign policy were like baseball, we'd be welcoming Yankees from all over the world back home. Someday ...

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