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Oct 10, 2007 7:51 pm

Mitt Romney a Compassionate Guy

What could we expect in the way of drug policy from a Mitt Romney administration? This video posted by Scott Horton on his Blog is full of clues. The clip shows among other things that he is clearly against medical marijuana; however, it does not reveal the most important piece of information, why. Now, being against Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon is not a reasonable position, unless, his adherence to that religion affects public policy in an adverse way. Also, if Romney is opposed to medical marijuana because of his Mormonism then what are the implications for his stand on other vital issues? Therefore, it is important for the integrity of this election that before anyone votes Romney be made to answer the question; why are you against medical marijuana?

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PS: This part is not on the The Trebach Report because it is too personal. The questioner in the video is a MS patient who states that he is firmly against legalizing marijuana and, frankly, I am getting sick and tired of some of these patients throwing everyone else under the bus. What about the 18 year old kid who is beaten and gang raped in prison because he sold a quarter ounce, as a favor, to a pretty female narc and then would not rat out the person who sold to him, only people in wheelchairs deserve compassion?

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