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Oct 2, 2007 6:08 pm

Great Ron Paul Video

I believe at this point in time you could literally spend a couple thousand hours on YouTube watching Ron Paul related videos and still not see them all. As a way of stopping myself and getting back to work I decided to post a link to this one which I a thought to be particularly moving. To me, what is remarkable about all of this material is that it is coming from the bottom up. There is no office of video production in the Paul campaign directing this output and that it why I think that many many people are underestimating his chances.

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Anthony Gregory - 10/3/2007

Here's my nuanced view on abortion. I have strong opinions but try to be open to people with differing takes on this contentious issue.

Keith Halderman - 10/1/2007

I believe that abortion is the hardest issue for someone with a libertarian perspective because you are essentially arguing about whether there are one or two people involved and how you view the legitimacy of government action depends on the answer to that question. A question that I am not sure is answerable. I certainly do not know.

I totally agree with you about the sincerity of Ron Paul stance on abortion. But I must say that I am happy that we have a somewhat rare instance where someone is able to do the principled thing and the politically smart thing at the same time. For a significant number of people abortion is the only important issue and Paul's sincere position will allow them to hear the rest of what he has to say. Also, his sincerity on abortion will show through and therefore make the rest of what he has to say that much more powerful. On the other hand the left knows a substantial majority of the people in this country do not want to see abortion made illegal so it is not as much of a make or break issue with them. Both sides can join the revolution which is another reason i think he is being underestimated.

John Robert Dewey - 10/1/2007

I first heard Ron Paul in person 27 years ago. He explained his views to Coastal Corporation employees, including how he came to be pro-life. During his residency Dr. Paul was asked to assist an obstetrician in what he thought was a simple childbirth, but that turned out to be a late-term abortion. Ron's description of his horror was moving. I could tell he was still painfully upset even years after the life had been taken. Ron Paul changed my views about abortion that very day.

The sincerity of Ron Paul shown through that afternoon in 1980. He wasn't expressing a view to gain points with conservative Texas voters. Congressman Paul was giving us a straight, heartfelt answer.