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Sep 21, 2007 10:52 am

Hats off to John Edwards

Paul Krugman notes in the NYT this morning that John Edwards's bold health care plan, announced months ago, put the issue back on the national agenda, forcing the other (Democratic Party) candidates to develop their own plans. Just this week we had Hillary's plan (which Krugman says is comparable to Edwards's).

This is history repeating itself.

In 1992 it was Gephardt who settled on health care as an important issue. Bill Clinton, knowing a hot headline when he sees one, grabbed the issue and made it his own. That's why we got the Hillarycare proposal.

Now once again a Clinton is being pushed into the national health care debate to fend off a primary challenger.

That's ok with me. This is how politics works.

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HNN - 9/22/2007

Edwards led the way., After Edwards no candidate could get away with a weak reform.

It's not the issue's visibility that Hillary's responding to. It's Edwards's grab for the issue.

If he hadn't staked out ground on the issue Obama may not have either. Hillary on her own certainly wouldn't have done so given her own history.

Tim Lacy - 9/21/2007

...that Michael Moore's Sicko is working in tandem with Edwards here? In fact, isn't Mr. Moore better known than Edwards in some ways? - TL