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Aug 19, 2007 3:12 am

Sunday Notes

Carnivalesque Button XXX, an early modern edition, is up at Recent Finds!

Mark Lilla,"The Politics of God," NYT, 19 August, is an essay on Western political thought and its problem with"political theology." It is drawn from his new book, The Stillborn God: Religion, Politics and the Modern West.

Alexander Stille,"The Hero Machine," TNR, 16 August, reviews Lucy Riall's Garibaldi: Invention of a Hero.

Christina Breda Antoniades,"Local and Lurid! Read all about it! Infamous Incidents! Famous Affairs! Torrid Tales!" Washington Post, 19 August, reviews Washington, DC's less well-known 19th and early 20th century scandals.

Wil Haygood,"The Invisible Manuscript," Washington Post, 19 August, tells the fascinating story of Adam Bradley's detective work on Ralph Ellison's second novel.

"The dazzler that dimmed," Economist, 16 August, reviews Glenn Kessler's The Confidant: Condoleezza Rice and the Creation of the Bush Legacy and Marcus Mabry's Twice as Good: Condoleezza Rice and her Path to Power. Hat tip.

Finally, a fond adieu to our colleague, Sharon Howard. No one has done more for the growth of history blogging than she has. Mother of the Cliopatria Awards,"mistress of misrule" over both History Carnival and Carnivalesque, Sharon was taking names and kicking butt at Early Modern Notes, Cliopatria, and The Long Eighteenth, when she found her dream day job and that it demanded her attention. She'll still be found at Early Modern Notes, will still manage the two carnivals, and continue to play a role in the Cliopatria Awards. We'll miss her contributions here, but know that she's still keeping an eye on us.

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