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Aug 17, 2007 11:21 am

Terence Kealey on the New Science of Neuroeconomics

Terence Kealey is Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, Britain's one and only university that does not receive direct subsidy from the state. He also writes on science for The Times (London). Go here for his latest column on recent findings in neuroeconomics. Be advised that"public schools" in Britain are private, which will help you make more sense of the penultimate paragraph.

Terence Kealey is known for his book The Economic Laws of Scientific Research (Macmillan Press, 1995; St. Martin's Press, 1996) and his journalism and scholarship where he has been an articulate and outspoken opponent of government funding of science and higher education. His new book Sex, Science and Profits will be published by Heinemann (UK) in January 2008.

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