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Mar 19, 2004 10:52 am

Mmmmmm, Pork Chops . . .

Ralph wrote me yesterday to correct yet another of my tech gaffes with regard to citing articles. He explained to me how in the good old days, he could just go in and edit posts, but with the new system he cannot. I wrote him the following story by way of aphorism. He thought it was amusing and suggested I share it:
I was in South Africa, and my best friend there and I had gone to Cape Town. We were visiting one of his good friends, but she was an old girlfriend, and so there was some tension. She worked in some nonprofit with close ties to government. She had this major report, due in a few days, and it was on her computer screen. Shockingly, we'd been drinking, and his friend, (name withheld), had stepped out for a bit. I suggested that in the middle of a paragraph, we simply insert"I like pork chops" and return precisely to where she had been working. David, by then tired of dealing with an ex, thought it was a capital idea. I inserted"pork chops" line. Apparently, days later, a government minister saw the report and wondered why her proclivities toward pork chops were in a report about housing. I may be going to hell, but that is damned funny stuff. But it is also a good reason why I don't want a wily fellow, even a friend (hell, I know my friends -- especially a friend) to have access to my edit button!
Happy Friday, everyone. (And make sure to proofread everything one last time before sending it off!)

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