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Aug 11, 2007 7:50 am

Something useful on PBS -- but who's watching?

It could have been entitled"Liberty and Power!"
Bill Moyer's Journal
yesterday featured John Nichols and Bruce Fein on impeachment and the constitution. I missed last month's interview with Bruce Fein on the same subject -- well worth watching, if only for the quotes on the need for presidential honesty made by Republican congressmen back in the day of Clinton's impeachment.

Both the"liberal" and" conservative" guests were making the same points, using the same language, and they quietly lauded Ron Paul -- and sounded much like him. It almost made me think the country could be saved, because normal, reasonable, government-constraining people like John and Bruce live here and are considered mainstream in their respective political circles.

They talked about the supine congress (in those words), the jackboot-licking mainstream media (not in those words) and the nature of the failure of a Republic. They talked about our historical precedents and trends leading to this point. They talked about the dangers of a king, and what the founders would think. They offered peaceful solutions -- impeachment hearings in the House, they seem to think, would be a great start.

Then it was over.

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