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Mar 31, 2008 7:57 am

Worst Sentence I Read Today

Just when you think Helen Lovejoy is satire, you find her worldview appearing in a serious piece of social science. In The Time Divide: Work, Family, and Gender Inequality by Jerry Jacobs and Kathleen Gerson (p. 200), we get the following:


Yet, in the end, children are a collective resource, and their needs should take precedence in our national agenda.

I can't decide which is worse: the treatment of children as "collective resources" or the hubris of claiming that their needs (as interpreted by the authors of course) should trump all else in the supposed "national agenda."

A worse brew of collectivism and hubris will be hard to find on any day.

Update: I wonder whether the authors would feel okay if someone substituted the word"women" for" children" in that sentence. Would they be okay thinking of women as" collective resources" in particular? If so, then welcome to Gilead where women are, in Offred's words,"national resources."

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Steven Horwitz - 8/8/2007

By contract rather than force, however. And "collective resource" sure implies the latter, especially with respect to the wishes of their parents.

Mark Brady - 8/8/2007

It was a distinguishing feature of the Soviet Union, that's for sure.

Oscar Chamberlain - 8/8/2007

Actually reducing people to resources is a capitalist innovation.

Anthony Gregory - 8/8/2007

With terrible implications for both the children and non-children classes!