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Aug 5, 2007 4:43 pm

August 6, 2007


  • Richard Reeves on"2008 Hopefuls & Heads Of State":"personal relationships between leaders are tremendously important. It doesn't matter if they met [the leaders] before they became president. It's how they handle relationships when they get there." - The Gate - National Journal, DC, 8-2-07
THIS WEEK IN HISTORY:This Week in History:

  • 08-06-1787 - Constitutional Convention in Phila begans debate
  • 08-06-1806 - Holy Roman Empire ends; it was neither holy, Roman, nor an empire
  • 08-06-1815 - US flotilla ends piracy by Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli
  • 08-06-1945 - Hiroshima Peace Day-atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima by"Enola Gay"
  • 08-06-1965 - LBJ signs Voting Rights Act, guaranteeing voting rights for blacks
  • 08-06-1990 - UN Security Council votes 13-0 (2 abstensions Cuba and Yemen) to place economic sanctions against Iraq
  • 08-07-1782 - George Washington creates Order of Purple Heart
  • 08-07-1934 - US Court of Appeals upheld lower court ruling striking down govt's attempt to ban controversial James Joyce novel"Ulysses"
  • 08-07-1942 - 1st American offensive in Pacific in WW2, Guadalcanal, Solomon Is
  • 08-07-1964 - US Congress approves Gulf of Tonkin resolution
  • 08-07-1990 - Desert Shield begins - US deploys troops to Saudi Arabia
  • 08-08-1864 - Red Cross forms in Geneva
  • 08-08-1876 - Thomas Edison patents mimeograph
  • 08-08-1890 - Daughters of American Revolution organizes
  • 08-08-1945 - USSR establishes a communist government in North Korea
  • 08-08-1945 - US, USSR, England and France sign Treaty of London
  • 08-08-1945 - Pres Harry S Truman signs UN Charter
  • 08-08-1953 - US and South Korea initial a mutual security pact
  • 08-08-1968 - Republican convention in Miami Beach nominates Nixon for pres
  • 08-08-1973 - VP Spiro T Agnew says reports he took kickbacks are"damned lies" from govt contracts in Maryland. He vowed not to resign
  • 08-08-1974 - Pres Richard M Nixon announces he'll resign his office 12PM Aug 9
  • 08-09-1638 - Jonas Bronck of Holland becomes 1st European settler in Bronx
  • 08-09-1842 - US-Canada border defined by Webster-Ashburton Treaty
  • 08-09-1655 - Lord Protector Cromwell divides England into 11 districts
  • 08-09-1673 - Dutch recapture NY from English; regained by English in 1674
  • 08-09-1790 - Columbia returns to Boston after 3 year journey, 1st ship to carry US flag around the world
  • 08-09-1842 - US-Canada border defined by Webster-Ashburton Treaty
  • 08-09-1848 - Barnburners (anti-slavery) party merges with Free Soil Party nominateing Martin Van Buren for president
  • 08-09-1941 - Winston Churchill reaches Newfoundland for 1st talk with FDR
  • 08-09-1974 - Richard Nixon resigns presidency, VP Gerald Ford becomes 38th pres
  • 08-10-0070 -"2nd Temple" of Jews is set aflame (approx)
  • 08-10-1497 - John Cabot tells King Henry VII of his trip to"Asia"
  • 08-10-1831 - Former slave Nat Turner leads uprising against slavery
  • 08-10-1846 - Congress charters"nation's attic," Smithsonian Institution
  • 08-10-1941 - FDR and Churchill's 2nd meeting at Placentia Newfoundland
  • 08-11-1924 - US presidential candidates make 1st film for bio-scoop news
  • 08-11-1941 - FDR and PM Winston Churchill sign Atlantic Charter
  • 08-12-1676 - 1st war between American colonists and Indians ends in New England
  • 08-12-1867 - Pres A Johnson defies Congress suspending Sec of War Edwin Stanton
  • 08-12-1898 - Hawaii formally annexed to US
  • 08-12-1898 - Peace protocol ends Spanish-American War, signed
  • 08-12-1990 - Iraq President Saddam Hussein says he is ready to resolve Gulf crisis if Israel withdraws from occupied territories
  • 08-12-1994 - Stephen G Breyer, sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

  • Michael Beschloss on Stanley Weintraub, Mark Perry: Not the President's Men 15 STARS Eisenhower, MacArthur, Marshall: Three Generals Who Saved the American CenturyPARTNERS IN COMMAND George Marshall and Dwight Eisenhower in War and Peace - NYT, 8-5-07
  • Stanley Weintraub: 15 STARS Eisenhower, MacArthur, Marshall: Three Generals Who Saved the American Century, First Chapter - NYT, 8-5-07
  • John Ferling on Richard Kluger: HISTORY AMERICA The Long Land Grab A Pulitzer-winning social historian recounts America's rapacious expansion - SEIZING DESTINY How America Grew from Sea to Shining Sea WaPo, 8-5-07
  • Ian Kershaw: HISTORY WORLD WAR II Turning Points A historian examines crucial decisions made during the Second World War FATEFUL CHOICES Ten Decisions That Changed the World, 1940-1941 - WaPo, 8-2-07
  • Jordana Dym: Politics, Economy, and Society in Bourbon Central America, 1759-1821, From Sovereign Villages to National States: City, State, and Federation in Central America, 1759-1839 - Skidmore College News, NY, 8-3-07
  • Frederick R. Davis: FSU professor documents work of Carr,"The Man Who Saved Sea Turtles" - Florida State University, 8-1-07
  • David Greenberg on Jeremi Suri: Oh, Henry! A historian's examination of Kissinger's realpolitik worldview HENRY KISSINGER AND THE AMERICAN CENTURY - WaPo, 7-26-07
  • Benny Morris: Blasts Tom Segev, Gives Ginor & Remez benefit of the doubt - Benny Morris in a New Republic book review, 7-10-07
  • Robert Higgs: His collected essays praised - Hugh Rockoff, Department of Economics, Rutgers University, at the website of Economic History Services, 7-1-07
  • Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez: The Soviets' Nuclear Gamble in the Six-Day WarMiddle East Forum, 6-6-07

  • Michael Marrus on"Museum opens doors to Bergson - and debate":"I would not like to see a situation where various interest groups seeking to establish their own interpretation as canonical can, through the mobilization of opinion and the collection of signatures, see the museum change. Museum professionals should be allowed to do their work professionally, without the kind of pressure that activists are sometimes brilliant at exerting." - Canadian Jewish News, Canada, 8-3-07
  • Deborah Lipstadt on"Museum opens doors to Bergson - and debate":"I don't believe that you change things by petition. You don't politicize museums, especially a federal museum." Canadian Jewish News, Canada, 8-3-07
  • Jonathan Sarna on"Museum opens doors to Bergson - and debate":"I think in retrospect, much more than at the time, we respect the kinds of tactics that the Bergsonites used. Indeed, later on they would become normative tactics of the Jewish community." - Canadian Jewish News, Canada, 8-3-07
  • Gordon Brown: Says President Bush has great sense of history:"I enjoyed my discussions with him. I think what what I particularly enjoyed about my discussions is his sense of history." - Interview broadcast on NBC Nightly News, 7-31-07

  • August 25, 2007:James McPherson: Featured at daylong colloquium in Andover, Massachusetts on August 25th - AHA Blog, 5-28-07
ON TV:History Listings This Week:

  • C-Span2, Book TV : History 2007 Roosevelt Reading Festival: Gary Scott Smith:"Faith and the Presidency" Sunday, August 5 @ 4:05pm C-Span2, BookTV
  • C-Span2, Book TV : History Sally Denton:"Passion And Principle: John and Jessie Fremont, The Couple Whose Power, Politics, And Love Shaped Nineteenth-Century America" Sunday, August 5 @ 5:00pm C-Span2, BookTV
  • PBS: History Detectives, Monday, August 6 @ 9pm/EDT - PBS
  • History Channel:"Lost Worlds :The Seven Wonders," Sunday, August 5, @ 5pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Dogfights :Gun Kills of Vietnam," Sunday, August 5, @ 11pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:" Street Gangs: A Secret History," Monday, August 6, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Cities Of The Underworld :12 - Secret Pagan Underground," Monday, August, @ 8pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Cities Of The Underworld :07 - Catacombs of Death" Monday, August 6, @ 9pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Shark Attack 1916" Monday, August 6, @ 11pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Nostradamus: 500 Years Later," Tuesday, August 7, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Decoding The Past :Doomsday 2012: The End of Days," Tuesday, August 7, @ 4pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Decoding The Past :Secrets of the Dollar Bill," Tuesday, August 7, @7pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"UFO Files : Alien Engineering," Wednesday, August 8, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Special :Meteors: Fire in the Sky," Wednesday, August 8, @ 4pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"History's Mysteries :Mysteries on the High Seas," Wednesday, August, @ 5pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"UFO Files :Texas' Roswell," Wednesday, August, @ 11pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Lost Worlds : The Seven Wonders," Thursday, August 9, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Mysteries of the Garden of Eden," Thursday, August 9, @ 4pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Decoding The Past :Mayan Doomsday Prophecy," Thursday, August 9, @ 5pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"History's Mysteries :Ancient Monster Hunters," Thursday, August 9, @ 6pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Dogfights :Kamikaze," Thursday, August 9, @ 11pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Cities Of The Underworld :05 - Rome: The Rise," Friday, August 10, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Cities Of The Underworld :10 - Beneath Vesuvius," Friday, August 10, @ 3pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Cities Of The Underworld :11 - Dracula's Underground," Friday, August 10, @ 4pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Cities Of The Underworld :09 - Freemason Underground," Friday, August 10, @ 5pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Dogfights :Desert Aces," Friday, August 10, @ 9pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Dogfights," Marathon Saturday, August 11, @ 8-11pm ET/PT

  • Tim Weiner: LEGACY OF ASHES #5 (3 weeks on list) - 8-12-07

  • Walter Isaacson: EINSTEIN HIS LIFE AND UNIVERSE #11 (16 weeks on list) - 8-12-07
  • Ronald Reagan. Edited by Douglas Brinkley: THE REAGAN DIARIES #21 - 8-12-07

  • Woody Holton: Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution, (Hill and Wang, August 7, 2007)
  • David Halberstam: Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War, (Hyperion, September 2007)
  • John Kelin, Praise From a Future Generation: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and the First Generation Critics of the Warren Report, (Wings Press TX), September 28, 2007
  • Maureen Waller: Sovereign Ladies: The Six Reigning Queens of England, (St. Martin's Press, September 28, 2007)
  • Rick Atkinson: Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944, (Henry Holt & Company, Incorporated, October 2, 2007)
  • Benjamin J. Kaplan: Divided by Faith: Religious Conflict and the Practice of Toleration in Early Modern Europe, (Harvard University Press, October 15, 2007)
  • Richard Avedon, The Kennedys: Portrait of a Family, (HarperCollins Publishers), October 23, 2007
  • M. Stanton Evans: Blacklisted by History: The Real Story of Joseph McCarthy and His Fight against America's Enemies, (Crown Publishing Group, November 6, 2007)

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