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Jul 13, 2007 3:48 pm

Libertarianism Being Discussed at

Some readers might be interested in the current discussion of libertarianism going on at Atrios

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Robert L. Campbell - 7/14/2007


Will all due respect, there's not a whole lot of engaging going on, or a whole lot of willingness to engage being exhibited, in that string of comments over at Atrios.

If I want to encounter a bunch of people inarticulately venting their prejudices, and gratuitously insulting anyone who disagrees with them, I don't have to go to a Left-wing site. I can find that kind of thing at SOLOPassion, or any of a number of other places. I was grimly amused to find that despite the grossly divergent politics, the insult vocabulary is largely the same. The guru at SOLOP likes to call the targets of his despisal "wankers," and so, I see, do Atrios and some members of his chorus (well, sometimes they vary it with "tosser").

On top of that, the commenters on Atrios are nearly all pseudonymous.


Robert Campbell

Gus diZerega - 7/13/2007

There was a day when libertarians complained that they were ignored, that no one even tried to address their ideas.

The best way to get people to take ideas seriously is to engage them.

Joel Schlosberg - 7/13/2007

Jeff's right, the "discussion" is a joke, the same old, same old smug dismissal.

I just came across the post from this guy (a blogger I like, but not when he turns to the topic of libertarianism):

Gus diZerega - 7/13/2007

I thought some folks on this site would want to join in.

If you go to the links you will see what could have been the roots of a very interesting discussion.

Alice Lillie - 7/13/2007

Get a handle on how a libertarian thinks. My latest of 3 essays is entitled _How the Bush Administration is Destroying Our Country and Damaging the Christian Church_ at:

Jeff Riggenbach - 7/13/2007

I went over there. I couldn't find one. Unless, of course, you regard the infinite multiplication of ignorant assertions as a "discussion."