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Jul 12, 2007 3:35 pm

Footnote to Folly

A very good explanation of the basic LaRouche template is given in a chapter of Architects of Fear, a book from the early 1980s by George Johnson, who I believe is still a science writer for The New York Times.

World history boils down to a war between the anti-technology agrarian oligarchs (reductionist followers of Aristotle, every one) and the city-building forces of scientific progress (who are Platonists).

The whole thing started in either Atlantis or Mesopotamia, or maybe both. I can't read my notes on that part.

It took a while, but a LaRouchie has commented on my article, saying, among other things:

Furthermore, anybody who knows anything knows at this point that LaRouche is not, and never was, a"right-winger"--that he is the most outspoken opponent of the neo-Cons and their fascist agenda.

When"anybody who knows anything knows at this point" that LaRouche started developing friendly connections with Birchers, Klansmen, and neo-Nazis in the mid-1970s and spent most of the 1980s telling anyone who would listen that he was Ronald Reagan's extra-special buddy.

But you can rip off the credit cards of people buying copies of your pamphlets calling for AIDS patients to be put in camps -- and shake down little old senile Republican ladies for their retirement funds in order to help Lyn defeat Communism -- for only just so long before the chumps go grab their pitchforks.

So now he is the last representative of the FDR tradition.

He remains in struggle with the same evildoers from Atlantis, of course, so it's not like he's being inconsistent or anything.

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