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Mar 10, 2004 1:59 pm

They Wouldn't Dump Cheney, Would They?

OK, I know I'm starting to sound especially conspiratorial, but does anyone else find it odd that within this administration renowned for its discipline that the CIA chief is publicly blaming Cheney for exaggerating terrorist links in public, as documented in this New York Times article? This kind of testimony strikes me as either a big mistake by Tenet or a very clear message from the Bush people that Mr. Cheney may develop some more serious health problems between now and the convention that would"preclude" his running again.

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Jonathan Dresner - 3/10/2004

Nice. Demographic slam dunk. Ideological unity. Yeah, that'd work. She doesn't have the corporate or Pentagon connections, but I don't think there's a problem with that at this point. Would she make the jump from policy to politics?

David T. Beito - 3/10/2004

What about Condi Rice?

Jonathan Dresner - 3/10/2004

I don't think they'd replace Cheney before the election, unless he really did have a health crisis (i.e., died), because the administration is running on effectiveness of past policy and continuity of leadership, and shifting out someone as important as Cheney would be a clear repudiation of that. No, I think they'll stick with him until the election, then "let" him resign.....

But it does make the whole discussion about Kerry's VP choices more interesting, if you throw open the possibility that the Republicans could make counter-moves.