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Jun 23, 2007 9:59 pm

Ron Paul, Jeffersonian

Support for Ron Paul is turning up all over the place. Here Jeff Taylor, a left-wing Democrat, has some encouraging words to say about Paul's candidacy.

"Another option for those of us who like popular sovereignty, justice, and nonviolence is Ron Paul. He is the only GOP presidential contender who opposes the Iraq War, the U.N. Security Council, and the Patriot Act. It's true that some liberal Democrats cannot swallow his opposition to abortion—which comes from a consistent life ethic that also includes opposition to war and capital punishment—and some New Deal nostalgiasts object to his libertarian belief in small, constitutional government, but Ron Paul is far more Jeffersonian in the best sense of the word than is Obama or Clinton."

Read the entire essay for an excellent critique of Barack Obama who"provides no alternative to Hillary Clinton, in terms of imperial-minded foreign policy. This is doubly regrettable since Clinton herself provides no substantive alternative to the neoconservative philosophy of the Bush administration."

Taylor, who teaches political science at the community college in Rochester, Minnesota, is author of Where Did the Party Go?: William Jennings Bryan, Hubert Humphrey, and the Jeffersonian Legacy (University of Missouri Press, 2006).

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