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Jun 18, 2007 12:07 pm

While Ralph's Away

It may seem like the history blogiverse grinds to a halt without Ralph Luker, but it doesn't quite. A few things noted here and there:

In imitation of the nifty Presidental Speeches Tagline, CHNM's Dave Lester offers an American Studies Tagline, an"interactive timeline-based tag cloud" (read: a doohickey you can play with) to help visualize the evolution of American Studies from Henry Nash Smith in 1957 to Lucy Maddox in 1996.

Kevin Phillips reviews the Douglas Brinkley-edited Reagan Diaries in the Sunday NYT.

The cartoon history blog Animation IDasks"Why do MGM cartoons hate black people?" Apparently MGM cartoons like Tom & Jerry used blackface caricatures and sight gags more often and more recently than cartoons from any of the other major studios.

Jeffrey Hart lists five books essential to appreciating American literature of the 1920s.

Google is moving to digitize the collections of Michigan State University, including the Russel B. Nye Popular Culture Collection, one of the world's archives of 20th century comic books, strips, pulp and juvenile fiction anywhere.

Surely somebody has already linked Shorpy, the 100-year-old photo blog?

Since Ralph is not here to do it, I'll allow myself to plug my own blog: In R&D, I continue the deep history of roleplaying games begun in Dungeon Master Zero, this time with the RAND Corporation / Cold War gaming connection.

Finally, just what you didn't know your life was missing: Cliopatria as LOLCats. Thank you, and good night.

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