Mar 7, 2004 3:41 pm


I received this excellent email from Laurie:

Over the past week, Amb. Paul Bremer and Gen. John Abizaid gave two, somewhat different accounts of the insurgency in Iraq. Bremer stressed the"Zarqawi network" as an explanation; Abizaid suggested Islamic militants who have at least some dealings with Iraqi intelligence.

Today's LA Times takes on the notion that this terrorism can properly be attributed to one person. Indeed, this simplistic understanding of the terrorist attacks goes back to events in the first half of 1993: the World Trade Center bombing, followed by the plot to bomb the United Nations, New York's Federal Building, and two tunnels. It is the product, in part, of the Clinton administration's policy of treating terrorism as a law enforcement issue, with the focus on convicting individual perps.

In the beginning, it was said to be Shaykh Omar. He was arrested in July 1993, but the terrorism continued, so then it was Usama bin Ladin. UBL is, at best, a fugitive in some remote region along the Afghan/Pakistan border and is in no position to direct terrorist attacks. So now it is someone else . . .

Well said, Laurie!

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