May 29, 2007 9:01 pm


I have just completed the survey about academic blogging. It is very schematic. It wanted to know why I write my blog. I clicked a few answers. But the truth is that while venting and trying to put my ideas and concerns out there is a major motivation, the real award is the ability to serve as a microphone (sometimes stronger, some times not that strong never strong enough) to the voiceless. Today has been such a day. A Vietnamese with little English directed me to the Youtube bellow. I do not know how he found me especially as I have not written about post war Vietnam. Never mind, the fact that he did makes the hours I spend on this blog most worth while.

I did not know that Vietnam's ascent ion to the WTO resulted in a major crack down on democracy advocates there. But that seems to be the case and President Bush has expressed his concern with the recent abuses. It is, of course, one of the stories MSM is failing to cover.

Do take a minute to watch this beautiful short video:

There is also a story about Vietnamese killing of Christians and the flight of Christians to Cambodia:

Vietnamese security forces have tortured and killed at least two Christian Degar Montagnards in Vietnam's Central Highlands in recent months and allegedly murdered relatives of religious prisoners, representatives said Monday, May 28.

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