May 30, 2007 3:16 pm


To the elite's chagrin, the people are not fooled. Cosider the following column from today's New York Times (I cannot find it online). It is called"OVERHEARD" by Katharine Q. Seelye

Imagine that the top presidential candidates are all at an airport, trying to get on a flight. There is one seat left on the plane, and there are six people ahead of them in line. What does each of the candidates do?

The scene was described last week to 12 voters at a focus group in suburban Baltimore by Peter Hart, the Democratic pollster, on behalf of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. The voters - half Republicans, half Democrats, and varied by other demographics - had a pretty easy time picturing how each would behave.

Barak Obama and Mitt Romney, they said, would both politely negotiate their way through line.

John McCain would"go crazy in line," one voter said. Another said he would"make a scene."

John Edwards would pay the people ahead of him to get on, one person said; antoher said he would"turn on the Southern charm."

Rudolph W. Guiliani "wouldn't even stand in line," one said. Another said he would"ask to speak to the pilot." Someone else said he would"push his way to the front." Yet another said he would call out"9/11!"

Read terrific article on Rudy on the campaign trail.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, one voter said, would tell everyone ahead of her that the flight was cancelled."Her people would handle the details," said another. A third said the Secret Service wuld get her a seat. On, a 23 year old man, said:"She'd be polite, assertive and strong."

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