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May 28, 2007 3:59 am

Things Noted Here and There

Creation Museum: The Creation Museum opens today in Petersburg, Kentucky. P. Z. Myers' Pharyngula has a large roundup of reactions in the press and the blogosphere. Like, P. Z. wants a job at the Creation Museum! Hat tip.

Graphic Novel History: Big Head Press will publish Steven Grant's Odysseus the Rebel, with illustrations by Scott Bieser, in 2008. Kyle Baker's two volume NatTurner is primarily graphics and borrows its abbreviated texts from Turner's" confessions" before going to the gallows. Hattip.

17th Century Bounty: The story of Odyssey Marine Exploration's recovery of $500 million worth of gold and silver coins and other valuable artifacts from the Black Swan grows more complicated. Last month, it was revealed that Presidential candidate John Edwards has a 10% investment in the recovery effort. Now, Spain has challenged the legitimacy of Odyssey's recovery.

Historians' Writing: Newt Gingrich has a doctorate in modern European history from Tulane and taught history at West Georgia College before he was elected to Congress. William R. Forstchen has a doctorate in American civil war history from Purdue and is an associate professor of history at Montreat College in Montreat, NC. Apparently neither of them ever mastered English prose. See: Janet Maslin,"An Assault on Hawaii. On Grammar Too," NY Times, 24 May.

Memorial Day: Adam Cohen,"What the History of Memorial Day Teaches about Honoring the War Dead," NY Times, 28 May, features comments by David Blight on collective memory and selective forgetting.

Military History: Rich Lowry,"A Vanquishing," NRO, 25 May, continues the discussion of the fate of military history in the contemporary academy. His information isn't new, but it's a summary of what's been known. Hat tip.

Presidential Biography: Jonathan Yardley reviews Jean Edward Smith's FDR and David Broder reviews Douglas Brinkley's Gerald R. Ford for the Washington Post, 27 May.

Publication: Claire Potter,"Ever Wondered How to ... Find a Publisher?" Tenured Radical, 25 May, is a good discussion of getting the book to print.

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Jonathan Dresner - 5/28/2007

...Oh, [censored]. I'm gonna have to read the damned thing now.

You know which one I'm talking about, right?

Love the Cohen article, though.