Jun 2, 2007 10:37 pm


The story of the Libyan hit squad is strangely reminiscent of the Iraqi WMD.

Sept. 2 - Back into the"iron vest." We have an intelligence report that Quadaffi has told others he intends to have me assassinated. It's a strange feeling to find there is a" contract" out on yourself.

Nov. 18 - Funny - I was talking peace but wearing a bullet proof vest. It seems Kaddafi put a contract on me &some person named Jack was going to try for me at the speech. Security was very tight.

Nov. 24 - Security very tight even at the ranch. A"hit band" is supposed to have crossed into the U.S. by way of Canada with me, Geroge B., Al Haig & Cap W. (any or all) as targets. (Our friend in Libya).

Dec. 2 - Nancy went to Arlington to Tex Thornton's funeral. Security said no to me. It seems Kadaffi has enlarged his hit list to include even Sen. Baker - but I'm still target No. 1

Dec. 8 The press is beginning to charge that we are making up the Quadaffi threat because we don't tell them the sources of our information. I've come to the conclusion they are totally irresponsible and won't be satisfied (if then) until someone is gunned down by the"hit men."

Dec. 11- Off to Camp David by a quite different route. Our Libyan friends are thought to possess heat seeking missiles that can be hand launched.

Small wonder Reagan was less than enamored by the media. He had no option but to believe the CIA. Was the CIA misled? Were the"hit men" called off? The real answer is probably buried deep in the Libyan archives not that the media will ever withhold judgment while the evidence is out. Clearly, the scare turned Reagan's life upside down and to be pilloried by the media merely made matters worse. Russet noted that Reagan did not like the media. Well, he had no reason to like them, Quadaffi did.

Oh, yes. Deja Vu.

For a recent update on the plot click here.

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