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May 23, 2007 4:25 pm

Murray Polner: Kent State

To the Editor:

Re "Kent State is Said to Reveal Orders," [May 2]: What we do know that in spite of less than serious investigations by a Nixon administration defending an indefensible war, the FBI had secret agents on the Kent State campus, one of whom was filmed with a weapon the day of the shootings and several witnesses believed it had been fired. What is needed now is for a truly independent commission or writer to gain access to the files of the Ohio National Guard, Nixon Archives, FBI files and those of then Governor James Rhodes who fed the atmosphere of hatred by calling antiwar students "worse than brownshirts and the Communist elements and also the night riders and vigilantes. They are the worst type of people that we harbor in America."

While the tape about the role of the Ohio National Guard in the killing or four students and wounding of nine others may or may not be conclusive proof that a crime had been committed, the fact is that no-one has ever been held responsible. The many questions surrounding the Kent State calamity have never been answered nor has justice been served.


Murray Polner

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