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Mar 5, 2004 6:24 am

Clean This!

I think it started with Tim Burke's "Battle of the Moms". I think Chun the Unavoidable spotted what he thought was a bourgeois rationalization. I thinkInvisible Adjunct cleaned Chun's clock. It's the old Burke/IA one-two routine. The sucker punch leaves those bells ringing in your head. Bre'r Chun, do not be tempted to go after Burke's apparently innocent introspections. Above all, do not ever mess with the Invisible One. If she comes after you, run!

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Ralph E. Luker - 3/6/2004

I'm sorry you don't like this kind of post. You've voiced your objection to the style before. Let me be clear: by now I assume that whatever Tim Burke posts either here or on his own blog, Easily Distracted, is well worth reading. I am calling Cliopatria readers' attention to a piece by Tim that is not here, but on his own blog. Further, I am directing Cliopatria readers' attention to a critique of Tim's essay and a rejoinder to the critique. I'm not simply "talking to myself" here. I'm suggesting that if you'd bother yourself to left click on a link that you'd find an interesting discussion. Is it link laziness on your part that thinks that I need to replicate the whole discussion for you at Cliopatria when you are already a big boy and can find out about it for yourself. Truth is, Tim's a better writer and thinker than I am, so I'm suggesting that you read his essay rather than some half-assed, watered-down summary of it by me. I really don't understand what your problem is with that. Unless you just like to complain ...

Michael Meo - 3/6/2004

More talking to oneself by the blogger.

No attempt here actually to speak to someone not 'in the know'
in clear English prose. What started with Tim Bruke? Why should i care that you sthink someone I am unacquainted with spotted whatever-the-hell a 'bourgeois rationalization' is?

Contempt for your reader, driving him or her away from the site.