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May 22, 2007 11:05 am

R&D Link Collection

Inspired by Cliopatrician Ralph Luker's Noted Things series of posts, I've decided to blatantly rip him off and start a similar link round-up at Revise and Dissent. Thanks, Ralph!

The NYT has an article about your internal dialogue. We are constantly telling ourselves a story about who we are that helps shape our identity. Have people always done this? (h/t Rob)

Over at Abnormal Interests Duane writes about meta-meta-archaeology. (h/t Alun)

Lots of folks are pointing to this short video essay about copyright and fair use compiled by splicing together Disney cartoons.

George Meyer writes about his love of conferences at The New Yorker. (h/t Caleb)

Speedboats have been a lifelong diversion. Scotch, a serious problem. Yet no vice bedevils me like my one desperate fixation, my shameful ravening itch: I simply must attend conferences.

The sheer number is embarrassing—more than eight thousand.

And, here is President Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Powerpoint presentation.

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