May 8, 2007 4:57 pm


I woke up to the news that 6 Muslim extremists living in Cherry Hill were arrested for plotting terrorist attacks on Fort Dix where some of my other neighbors as well as some of my former students work and train. Michelle Malkin posts parts of the FBI affidavit. It is not pretty. Michelle also constantly updates her posts.

Four are Kosovar Albanians, brothers and illegal aliens (Dritan, Eliver and Shain Duka)and Agron Abdullahu were from the former Yogoslavia. Oh, yes, Fort Dix is the place chosen as a safe heaven for 20,000 Kosovar Albanians by the US military in 1999. Al Qaeda and Iranian extremist activity in the former Yugoslavia is well documented both before and after the Clinton administration went to war on their behalf. As I wrote in Why is Richard Clark seething? it was part of its anti-Islamist strategy and that strategy, as Julia Goren explained earlier this month is not yet dead.

The other two, Serdar Tatar, a pizza deliverer whose family owns a pizzeria near Ft. Dix, is from Turkey and Mohamad Shnewer is from Jordan. I wonder if I ever bumped into any of them in the supermarket or the mall.

I know they have not attended the numerous inter-faith meetings in which I participated. For here is the irony. South Jersey is a hub of interfaith activity of the type also neglected by the media. For example, More than 100 people attend"Breaking Bread Together," Sunday, November 19, 2006. The interfaith program focused on Catholic, Muslim, and Jewish holidays and their significance (We had previous anti-terrorism programs). The interfaith program focused on Catholic, Muslim, and Jewish holidays and their significance. Bellow are the organizers, From left: Alan Respler, JCRC Executive Director; Farhat Biviji (you will find her on Beslan here.), Muslim lecturer (; Rabbi Lewis Eron, Jewish lecturer; Gloria Mazziotti, co-chair of the Catholic Jewish Commission and co-chair of the Breaking Bread program committee; Msgr. John Frey, Roman Catholic lecturer; and Zia Rahman, managing director of the Voorhees American Muslim Society and a co-chair of the three-way dialogue group.

Last July a number of us participated in the Turkish Interfaith Dialogue Center interfaith trip to Turkey. We were not only of different faiths but we were hosted by Turkish families and viewed Turkish sites of special interest to Jews, Christians and Muslims. It was wonderful. This past weekend I was invited to participate in a ground breaking for a new mosque in Cherry Hill . I could not make it but many of my Christian and Jewish friends did. Indeed, I feel bad for our Muslims friends who have worked for this mosque for years. This news must break their heart even more than it breaks ours. We are having our annual community gathering later this month. The plans will have to be revamped. It is not going to be easy but it has never been more important.

We are in the midst of a vicious war on terror. Muslims are also in the midst of an all important struggle for the future direction of their faith. Dan Pipes and Sudheendra Kulkarni write about the march of a million moderates in Turkey and Pakistan.

But recent PIPA polls also showed that while large majorities of Muslims reject attacks on civilians, they do not reject attacks on soldiers. I suspect that is the reason for the planned attack on Fort Dix.

We need a moderate Muslim organized march in Cherry Hill. American Muslims must make it clear that American soldiers are their soldiers and they do not support attack on our sons and daughters in the military. I will gladly march in support of my friends but I cannot march instead of them.

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les hardie - 5/9/2007

American commentators are pained to think these jihadists could really "hate" Americans when they have lived among us for so long. These comments reflect a basic misconception about Islamic supremacy: jihadists are not motivated by hate; they are motivated by a religious commandment to conquer the unbelievers. It is not necessary to hate those you are conquering and converting to the Truth. Nazis did not hate the French they conquered. Japanese did not hate the Phillipinos they conquered. Muslims did not hate the peoples they conquered. These people act from religious conviction, not hatred. They may like us personally but will still kill us because they are commanded to do so. This is a point that is lost in US discussion of the enemy.