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May 7, 2007


  • 05-07-1915 - The British ocean liner Lusitania was sunk by a German submarine in World War I off the coast of Ireland.
  • 05-07-1945 - Germany unconditionally surrendered to the allies in Rheims, France.
  • 05-07-1954 - The 56-day-long battle of Dienbienphu ended with Ho Chi Minh's forces defeating the French, signaling the end of French power in Indochina.
  • 05-07-1992 - The 27th Amendment to the Constitution, prohibiting mid-term Congressional pay raises, was ratified.
  • 05-08-1794 - Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry, was guillotined during the Reign of Terror.
  • 05-08-1902 - Mount Pelee on Martinique erupted, destroying the town of St. Pierre, and killing 40,000 people.
  • 05-08-1945 - V-E Day marks the European victory of the Allies in World War II.
  • 05-09-1914 - Mother's Day became a public holiday.
  • 05-09-1926 - Explorers Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennett flew over the North Pole.
  • 05-09-1936 - Fascist Italy annexed Ethiopia.
  • 05-09-1994 - The South African parliament chose Nelson Mandela as president.
  • 05-09-2004 - Chechnya's Moscow-backed leader, Akhmad Kadyrov, was killed in a bombing. Six others were killed and another 60 wounded.
  • 05-10-1775 - Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys captured Fort Ticonderoga from the British.
  • 05-10-1863 - Confederate General Stonewall Jackson died after being accidentally shot by his own troops.
  • 05-10-1869 - The United States' first transcontinental railroad was completed with a ceremony in Promontory Point, Utah.
  • 05-10-1924 - J. Edgar Hoover became director of the FBI.
  • 05-10-1940 - Winston Churchill succeeded Neville Chamberlain as British prime minister.
  • 05-10-1994 - Nelson Mandela was sworn in as South Africa's first black president.
  • 05-11-1858 - Minnesota became the 32nd state in the United States.
  • 05-11-1894 - The Pullman Strike began.
  • 05-11-1949 - Siam changed its name to Thailand.
  • 05-11-1960 - Israeli agents captured Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.
  • 05-11-1973 - Charges against Daniel Ellsberg for his role in the Pentagon Papers case were dismissed.
  • 05-11-2003 - 91% of Lithuanian voters opted to join the European Union—the first former Soviet nation to do so.
  • 05-12-1870 - Manitoba became a province of Canada.
  • 05-12-1932 - The body of Charles and Anne Lindbergh's kidnapped baby was found.
  • 05-12-1937 - Britain's King George VI was crowned at Westminster Abbey in London.
  • 05-12-1949 - The Soviet blockade that prompted the Berlin airlift was ended.
  • 05-12-1970 - Harry A. Blackmun was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice.
  • 05-12-2002 - Former president Jimmy Carter became the first U.S. president (in or out of office) to visit Fidel Castro's Cuba.
  • 05-13-1568 - Mary Queen of Scots was defeated at the Battle of Langside and immediately fled to North England.
  • 05-13-1846 - The United States formally declared war on Mexico after several days of fighting.
  • 05-13-1938 - Louis Armstrong and his orchestra recorded the New Orleans's jazz classic, When the Saints Go Marching In, on Decca Records.
  • 05-13-1940 - Winston Churchill gave his first speech as prime minister:"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat."
  • 05-13-1981 - Pope John Paul II was shot and wounded by Mehmet Ali Agca as he drove through a crowd in St. Peter's Square, Rome.

  • Barbara Holland: Against Moderation THE JOY OF DRINKING - NYT, 5-6-07
  • Barbara Holland: THE JOY OF DRINKING, First Chapter - NYT, 5-6-07
  • Allan M. Brandt: Tobacco Road THE CIGARETTE CENTURY The Rise, Fall, and Deadly Persistence of the Product That Defined America - NYT, 5-6-07
  • CAMILLE PAGLIA on Jon Savage: The Young and the Restless TEENAGE The Creation of Youth Culture. NYT, 5-6-07
  • Robert Dallek: Secret service How the machinations of two unlikely allies defined -- and deformed -- an era - Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power - Boston Globe, 5-6-07
  • Azar Gat: A wide-ranging, stimulating treatise on the why of war The author examines history, philosophy and politics, but sides with biology as the motivation for human attainment by force War in Human Civilization - Philadelphia Inquirer, PA, 5-6-07
  • Daniel Aaron: From scholar Daniel Aaron, the long view of civilization From scholar Daniel Aaron, the long view of civilization THE AMERICANIST WaPo, 5-3-07
  • George F. Kennan: Who Put the 'Cold' in Cold War? - James Traub in the course of a review of a short biography of Kennan by John Lukacs, 4-29-07

  • Robert Dallek on"A Sinking Presidency":"He may come across to some people as a man of principle, but a great majority see him as stubborn and unyielding. ... And everything he touches turns to dust." - U.S. News & World Report, 5-6-07
  • Julian Zelizer on"Legislation a rare rebuke by Congress":"Congress is not shy usually about attempting to create problems for a president when a war becomes unpopular. But I think the significance here is that in a big war, they were able to at least get the legislation to the president's desk pretty early from a historical perspective." - Hillsboro Times Gazette, OH, 5-3-07
  • Jack Granatstein: Disputed Canadian War Museum exhibit contains 'true' facts, historian argues:"They are subjects of hot debate that must be included, You cannot change facts by ignoring them." -, 5-3-07
  • Robert Tombs on Gaullist Sarkozy is no French Thatcher, says British historian -"There is an idea doing the rounds that Sarkozy is a kind of French Margaret Thatcher. But I don't think such a creature exists. Not least because no-one in France wants a French Thatcher. If you contrast the positions of France today and Britain in the late 1970s, it's clear that even though there is certainly a sense of crisis in France, it is nothing like as severe as what Britain was going through when Mrs Thatcher was elected in 1979." - AFP, 5-2-07
  • Fredrick Kagan: We aren't winning, we aren't losing:"The al-Qaida surge is very serious. It is very significant. It is altering the situation in Iraq in unpredictable ways. It is clearly further eroding America's will to stay the course here and continue to try to win this war. The basic conclusion that I would offer you is that victory is still up for grabs. Those who would say that the war is lost, definitively, I don't think there is support for that statement in Iraq. I think it is hard. I think we may lose. I think we may win. I think it depends a lot on what we do and it depends a lot on what the enemy does. But I don't think anyone can predict for certain the outcome of this fight at this point." - Voice of America, 4-30-07

  • C-Span2, Book TV : After Words: Jabari Asim author of"The N Word: who can say it, who shouldn't, and why" interviewed by Bakari Kitwana on Sunday, May 6 at 6:00 and 9:00 pm C-Span2, BookTV
  • C-Span2, Book TV : History on Book TV: Bob Deans,"The River Where America Began: A Journey Along The James" on Sunday, May 6 at 10:00 pm C-Span2, BookTV
  • PBS: The American Experience:"Earhart and Hamilton" Monday, May 6, 2007 at 9pm ET - PBS
  • History Channel:"Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked" Sunday, May 6, @ 5pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Star Trek Tech" Sunday, May 6, @ 8pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Spider-Man Tech" Sunday, May 6, @ 9pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The Amazing Story of Superman" Sunday, May 6, @ 10pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Sharp Shooters" Monday, May 7, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"UFO Files :The Pacific Bermuda Triangle," Monday, May 7, @ 8pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Cities Of The Underworld :06 - Rome's Hidden Empire," Monday, May 7, @ 9pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Digging For The Truth :New Maya Revelations," Monday, May 7, @ 10pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Secret Superpower Aircraft :Bombers," Tuesday, May 8, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Secret Superpower Aircraft :Fighters," Tuesday, May 8, @ 3pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The Spanish-American War: First Intervention," Tuesday, May 8, @ 10pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Saddam and the Third Reich :Saddam and the Third Reich," Wednesday, May 9, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The Antichrist," Thursday, May 10, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The Presidents :1789-1825," Friday, May 11, @ 2pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The Presidents :1825-1849," Friday, May 11, @ 3pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The Presidents :1849-1865," Friday, May 11, @ 4pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The Presidents :1865-1885," Friday, May 11, @ 5pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The Presidents :1885-1913," Friday, May 11, @ 6pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Brothers in Arms: The Untold Story of The 502 :Part 1: D-Day," Friday, May 11, @ 8pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The Spanish-American War: First Intervention," Saturday, May 12, @ 4pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"Nostradamus: 500 Years Later," Saturday, May 12, @ 8pm ET/PT
  • History Channel:"The States :04 - New Jersey, Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Alaska," Saturday, May 12, @ 10pm ET/PT

  • Walter Isaacson: EINSTEIN HIS LIFE AND UNIVERSE #1 (2 weeks on list) - 5-13-07
  • Robert Dallek: NIXON AND KISSINGER #9 (1 week on list) - 5-13-07

  • Peter Heather: The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History of Rome and the Barbarians, (Oxford University Press), May 2007
  • Nancy Isenberg: Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr, (Penguin Group (USA)), May 10, 2007
  • Jean Edward Smith, FDR, (Random House Publishing Group), May 15, 2007
  • Robert Service: Comrades!: A History of World Communism, (Harvard University Press), May 15, 2007
  • Kieran Doherty: Sea Venture: Shipwreck, Survival, and the Salvation of the First English Colony in the New World, (St. Martin's Press), May 15 2007
  • Susan Dunn: Dominion of Memories: Jefferson, Madison, and the Decline of Virginia, (Perseus Publishing), May 2007
  • Ronald Reagan: The Reagan Diaries, (HarperCollins Publishers), May 22, 2007
  • Elizabeth Drew: Richard M. Nixon: The 37th President, 1969-1974, (Times Books), May 28, 2007
  • Kevin P. Spicer: Antisemitism, Christian Ambivalence, and the Holocaust (Indiana University Press), May 28, 2007
  • Gabor Boritt (Editor): Slavery, Resistance, Freedom, (Oxford University Press, USA), June 2007
  • William C. Davis: Virginia at War 1862 (Editor) (University Press of Kentucky), June 2007
  • Jack Valenti: This Time, This Place: My Life in War, the White House, and Hollywood, (Crown Publishing Group), June 5, 2007
  • Steve Vogel: The Pentagon: A History, (Random House Publishing Group), June 5, 2007
  • Amity Shlaes: The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression, HarperCollins Publishers, June 12, 2007
  • Orville Vernon Burton: The Age of Lincoln, (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), June 12, 2007
  • Brian K. Bugge: The Mystique of Conspiracy: Oswald, Castro, and the CIA, (Provocative Ideas), June 28, 2007
  • Kathryn C. Statler: Replacing France: The Origins of American Intervention in Vietnam, (University Press of Kentucky) July 28, 2007

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