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Mar 1, 2004 10:00 pm


David Beito has cordially invited me to take a guest spot on this blog for about a week, and I'm glad to welcome the opportunity. I'm Karen De Coster, and I'm writing from Detroit, Michigan. I'm the proprietor of a libertarian website/blog at, and I write for various publications, but most frequently for and the Mises Institute. I'm also on the Board of Scholars at the Mackinac Institute for Public Policy, and I blog on various websites besides my own, including,, and now, I am just starting to blog for Jacob Hornberger's Future of Freedom Institute.

My real job, by day, is being a CPA/Business Consultant, specializing in tax consulting, estates/trusts, and similar. Currently, my preferred hobby is counting down the days until April 15th, when I’ll have the time to do my own taxes at approximately 11:45 pm, which will involve merely sending in an extension, and putting off the Pocket Pickers for another four more months.

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Jean Carbonneau - 3/2/2004

I want to applaud Karen Decoster's blog on the movie, "Miracle", because I came away with the same feeling that she wrote.

I found not only the movie entertaining, but rather uplifting for any young person who wasn't around to expereince this great feat.

I was in my freshman year in college, my father had just got laid off, and of course, we had Iran, and Afgahnistan, and Inflation, etc. As stated in the movie, this was more than a game. One other aspect that I found about the movie was that most of the actors who made up the team had actually hockey backgrounds, and no need for doubles. I was happy to see that the actor who played Jack O'Callahan actually played for the University of Maine, where I live.

I love this movie so much, I actually order the tape of the actual game to watch again. If people can remember, ABC, which carried the Olympics, didnt' carry the game live. However, I know most people who live near the Canadian border got to watch this marvelous feat.

One can only imagine applying Herb Brooks approach to this task to politics. Yes, only one can imagine.

Thanks Karen, and wishing the best
Jean Carbonneau