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May 1, 2007 5:17 pm

Tuesday Notes

History Carnival LII is up at Jeremy Boggs's ClioWeb!! Carnivalesque XXVI, an early modern edition, is up at Brandon Watson's Siris.

Robert Townsend,"Google Books: What's Not to Like?" AHA Today, 30 April, sees three kinds of problems for researchers in Google Books. They need to be corrected before it can be what it claims and that may take time-consuming human interventions with particular texts to make the corrections.

The BBC has a very cool interactive British History Timeline. Go over to click, drag, and zoom! Thanks to Manan Ahmed for the tip.

Patricia Cohen's"Interpreting Some Overlooked Stories from the South," NY Times, 1 May, looks at a new generation of scholarship -- by historians like Joe Crespino, Kevin Kruse, Matthew Lassiter, and Jason Sokol -- on the late 20th century white South.

Finally, congratulations to the historians who have been elected to the class of 2007 of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences:

Harvard's David Gordon Blackbourn
Cornell's Isabel V. Hull
MIT's Evelyn Fox Keller
Notre Dame's Sabine G. MacCornack
Harvard's E. Roger Owen
Princeton's Nell Irvin Painter
MIT's Peter C. Perdue
Tufts's Martin J. Sherwin
SMU's David J. Weber

Aldo Schiavone of the University of Florence was elected a foreign honorary member of the Academy. Hat tip.

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