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Feb 27, 2004 10:50 am

Re: Raimondo, Horowitz, and the Academic Bill of Rights

I'm not a big fan of either Justin Raimondo or David Horowitz, but I think Justin just nails him in the piece David links to below. I can't help but note that I made a similar argument about the victim mentality of many, but not all, campus conservatives and libertarians here.

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Robert L. Campbell - 2/28/2004

Doesn't the bill use the notorious phrase "hostile enviroment"? That's the quintessential victimologist's phrase, as enshrined in Federal law concerning sexual harassment. I guess Horowitz has given up criticizing the rival victimologies, and decided to start competing with them.

Bill Woolsey - 2/27/2004

I found the Academic Bill of Rights
after a bit of looking. I wonder if
I live up to it as someone teaching
a "social science?"

For example, how much effort do I go
to making sure students understand that
all of that business about price ceilings
and shortages is all based upon a
fundamentally unsettled social science.

Or, for that matter, do I really give fair
treatment to claims that free trade will
suck away all of our jobs?

I can imagine some class or other where
substantial coverage of what amount to special
cases where managed trade will improve mattes
for at least one country, but not the
introductory classes where the actual fallacies
that most politicians speak (and many
students believe) deserve more attention.

In my judgement, of course.

And I guess that is just the issue.